One’s likely to remember 2020 as a year of tracksuits, pyjama sets and lounge dressing. Covid took a major toll on our collective style sensibility and also in a way dented our sartorial finesse. However, there were moments when people ditched their trackpants for a daring outfit and replaced trainers with a pair of kicky heels. For a lot of us, our liberated and individualistic style was an antidote to our sagging spirits. No wonder Google’s yearly data proves that people are dressing radically with an unconventional elan. The internet hysteria over the JW Anderson patchwork knit cardigan worn by Harry Styles being a case in point. And all thanks to the latest season of The Crown on Netflix, Princess Diana’s deeply symbolic black sheep jumper was relaunched by Rowing Blazers (now available only for pre-order only due to overwhelming demand). The other trending styles this year include “alt style,” “e-girl style,” and “y2k style,” One also saw a craze about the skater girl chic and ‘80s style clothing.

Entrepreneur Kalyani Chawla of Rezon Luxury Silverware observes that the one thing everyone is itching to do is dress up! “As low-key as Diwali was this year, we all dressed up to the hilt meeting with family and perhaps very few friends, only to feel good if nothing else,” says Kalyani, who states that she has never lounged around in her sweats even during the lockdown.


“It would have totally broken me I feel. This has everything to do with looking good and feeling good more so now than ever. Trends are catching on as everyone is hooked on to social media with no travels. Also, with no in-store shopping, the online purchasing has become a habit with some, who have never shopped online, like myself! We all need an excuse to just feel good – keeping up with trends has always been important for the discerning and now the informed thanks to Instagram and popular Netflix shows like The Crown,” she adds.

A strong nod to the maximalist ‘80s was felt both on the runways and at the stores this year. Besides, several high street and luxury collaborations created a heady mix of style which delightfully clashed high with low. Artist and businesswoman Michelle Poonawalla affirms that with the pandemic even though there has been less opportunity to dress up for events and social outings, the year has seen some key trends emerging with an eclectic mash-up of street touches and retro influences. “We do see a comeback of the mom jeans, high-waist denims and an overarching ‘80s aesthetic, besides a resurgence of comfort pieces like the Pangaia tracksuit. Moreover an array of big collaborations of brands like Nike creating street trainers with Off-White and Dior make it an interesting time for fashion.”

Lounge wear styling too saw quirky touches like statement necklaces and earrings for work Zoom calls and virtual cocktails. Samyukta Nair, Founder, Dandelion has lately observed loungewear and sleepwear, matched as co-ord sets, worn with a fun spin on it – be it statement accessories or high heels! “Everyone wants to be comfy as we are still largely indoors, but added details with the right earrings or a necklace, a handbag and shoes give a relaxed easy outfit the much-needed, pick-me-up to feel like you’ve put a look together while still being in your chill best,” says Nair.

Fashion has always been a mood enhancer and the pandemic has made us relive the magic of putting on a crazy pair of heels or a pair of look-at-me earrings. 2020 also made us revisit our closets several times and rediscover the sheer joy of trying on an old pair of jeans which we bought at a trip, but never wore or an heirloom piece, which awaited our attention. Besides, binge-watching The Crown has made us fall in love with Lady Diana’s pie crust collars and pussy bow blouses. 

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