If we ask you to think about various activities related to a golf course, there’s a slim chance any of the scenarios will involve an alligator. However, that is exactly what happened at one in Florida and now a video showing an alligator strolling across a golf course has left people both amazed and scared.

“GATOR CROSSING! Never a dull moment in Florida! Check out this big gator on Hole #9 today!” Duran Golf Club, where the incident took place, shared on their official Facebook profile.

The clip shows the reptile crossing the golf course slowly. To some it may seem almost leisurely, as someone says, “Another day in Florida.”

Check out the video:

Since being shared, the clip has gathered nearly 67,000 views – and the numbers are only increasing. It has also received tons of comments from people. While some were fascinated, others were not particularly happy. Some were intrigued yet creeped out by the whole affair.

“Amazing. Yikes,” wrote a Facebook user expressing two contradictory feelings. “He marched 45 steps and he’s like … I’m done,” joked another. “Nope, just nope,” shared a third.

Many simply tagged others to show them the clip.

What do you think of the video?

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