If you follow Anand Mahindra regularly, then you may be aware of all the lungi-related posts this business tycoon has shared over the past few months. It all started with a confessional post by Mahindra where he wrote that at one point while working from home and attending a video call, he did wear a lungi under his shirt. That prompted people to share all sorts of comments and also created a buzz surrounding this piece of clothing. Eventually, he also ended up sharing some more lungi-related posts. Now, as part of a reply to a tweet, Mahindra has once again garnered chatter around this clothing item by proclaiming that he is the “leader of the lungi movement.” However, how did the conversation start? Allow us to explain.

It turns out, it all started with another post by Mahindra where he wrote how he nearly jumped out of his chair after seeing a meme. He also added that the meme depicts a “nightmare.”

“What a nightmare. Not a future I’m ready to accept. When I saw this meme I jumped out of my chair & vowed to monitor & limit the time I spend in a chair in front of a screen every day,” he tweeted. The post is complete with an image.

Since being shared, the tweet has attracted all sorts of comments from people. And, one of the users of the micro-blogging site wrote, “Sitting with a lungi on makes things a tad better.” To which, Mahindra came up with this reply:

The conversation stretched a bit more when the Twitter user shared this reply:

Here’s how others reacted to the conversation:

What do you think of Mahindra’s tweet and the conversation?

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