This year 2020 presented us with several such “normals” which, a few months back, were simply unthinkable for many. People adapted to numerous changes in the wake of the pandemic – from wearing masks while going outside to shifting to a working from home setup. In fact, the Internet is filled with content reminding people of these changes, especially those related to WFH. Here are some of the most hilarious posts related to this working setup that kept us entertained and made us chuckle too.

Harsh Goenka’s Zoom meeting pie chart

Video conferencing app Zoom has taken an important part in people’s daily routine. It’s the way through which people are able to stay connected and carry on with their daily work, especially meetings. Back in August, business tycoon Harsh Goenka shared an image of a pie chart mapping the things which go on during an online meeting. It may seem absolutely relatable to those using the app regularly.

Anand Mahindra’s WFH attire confession

It is true that working from home for long hours can get on your nerves but it surely has its own perks too. One of them is wearing whatever you want through the work day. Turns out, it applies to business tycoon Anand Mahindra too. While sharing a “Reality vs Expectations” meme, he tweeted how he often wears lungi under his shift during online meetings.

Mother’s genius method

A mom came up with an amazing method to keep her kids from disturbing her while working from home. Shared on Reddit, the post soon captured people’s attention and made them laugh out loud.

Things we do during online call

A content creator, named Krutika, posted a recording on Instagram which shows things people may do during an online call. Check out the video to see if you related to any:

Scientist’s honest WFH setup

Two pictures shared by scientist Gretchen Goldman highlighting the reality of working from home were shared on Twitter and they quickly created a buzz as many could relate to them.

Do you have any such funny WFH stories to share?

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