A video of an Australian pro surfer who stepped in to help a woman in need has now won people over. Mikey Wright didn’t waste any time and ran towards the waves when he saw a woman struggling in the water. He took to Instagram to share two videos of the rescue too.

“Hold my beer,” Wright used this popular expression as his post’s caption. The videos show Wright running towards the woman and bringing her out of the water to safety.

“I didn’t question if I was in danger,” Wright, 24, told ABC. “I just knew that she needed help,” he added.

Since being shared, the post has gathered nearly two lakh likes. It has also accumulated tons of comments.

“Good job,” wrote an Instagram user. “You’re a living legend,” expressed another. “Absolutely lordish move on your behalf!” said a third.

There were some who couldn’t help but comment on the hairstyle the pro surfer. “Who needs a cape when you have a mullet,” joked an individual. “I knew that mullet had some magic powers,” expressed another.

Wright, who hails from Australia, is presently attending surf competitions in Hawaii.

What do you think of the rescue videos?

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