It is evident from several videos available on the Internet that kitties don’t care about their surroundings when they want to play. These clips shared by a reporter from Beirut, Lebanon featuring a stray kitty are perfect additions to that category. Two videos shared on Twitter by Sky News Arabia reporter Larissa Aoun show the kitty sweetly interrupting her in the middle of live bulletin, twice. After watching the clips, you may find yourself saying “aww” repeatedly.

“My most loyal follower,” reads the caption shared alongside the first video. The clip shows a stray feline playing with the belt of Aoun’s coat while she goes on to deliver her piece to camera.

Take a look at the adorable video:

Shared on December 18, the clip has garnered over 2.2 lakh views. While some couldn’t stop gushing at the cuteness of the feline, others found the situation to be extremely amusing. A few also urged Aoun to take the furry one home. Aoun also expressed that she felt rather entertained than interrupted while replying to a netizen who commented on her post.

Here’s how others reacted:

In another tweet, Aoun shared the second video that shows how the kitty came “back for the afternoon live.”

What are your thoughts on these cute posts?

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