Bigg Boss 7 contestants Kamya Panjabi and VJ Andy exchanged words about an incident that took place on Monday’s episode of Bigg Boss 14. Kamya voiced her displeasure with Eijaz Khan ‘commanding’ Nikki Tamboli to wash his underwear, and when Andy countered her, she reminded him of a similar incident that took place during their season.

“What ????? Did the captain make a girl wash his underwears???? Did I hear the beeps correctly?? I am shocked!!!!!” Kamya tweeted. Andy replied, “@KhanEijaz was joking @iamkamyapunjabi love. @nikkitamboli would never was anyone’s underwear!”

Kamya responded, “A joke ok, still underwear? A joke wich was only between two people! This only defamed #nikitamboli in front of other housemates! Chalo dhulwaya nahi par shukwa toh diya (maybe he didn’t make her wash his underwear, but he told her to dry it) #sick Andy u forgot what had happened with u in our season bcoz of a bra?”


Kamya was making a reference to an incident involving Gauahar Khan, due to which Andy received a lot of backlash. Andy wrote back, “I remember the bra very well @iamkamyapunjabi, kash tab bhi subh itne forward thinking hote (how I wish the audience was as progressive back then as it is now)! @BiggBoss has moved on so has the mentality of the audience watching. Now ex boyfriend’s underwear is even steamed in full public view! All my love.”

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Kamya also called out Eijaz in a recent interview, after a fight broke out between him and her friend Kavita Kaushik on the show. She told The Times of India, “First, let me tell you that Kavita and I have been very thick friends for 15-16 years. As for Eijaz, he was neither there when Kavita’s dad passed away nor when she got married. Toh phir woh Kavita ka dost kaise hua (So, how is he Kavita’s friend)? Eijaz is using Kavita’s presence in Bigg Boss 14 to play the victim card of a friend having been let down.”

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