Nostalgia is always comforting. Trends that take us back in time keep resurfacing, reviving the fashionable memories of that era. This time, it is eyewear chains. Borrowing from the 70’s, this style injects a dose of vintage in our wardrobes this season. International fashion houses such as Burberry, Celine, Gucci, Fendi, Stella Mccartney have experimented with eyewear chains. Rolling back home, the runway here also saw sunglasses paired with chic chains. Is the trend here to stay?

“Chains with glasses are practical, fun, and make a very stylish statement without seeming over the top. But as is the case with most trends, it remains to be seen how long they remain ‘in’ for,” says jewellery designer Eishita Puri. Jewellery designer Ayushi Kanoi says they are a fun option to go for. “Chains with glasses were fashionable back in the day but was a fad that moved on and now it might be returning. It looks fun, quirky, and very stylish, says Kanoi

When buying these chains, what to keep in mind? “Durability of the chain. You don’t want a chain that’s too flimsy because it may break easily with prolonged use. At the same time, you want a chain that will be easy to pair with different glasses and that can be effortlessly styled with various looks,” says Puri.

How to style

You can style them with anything and everything. Wear it like Gigi Hadid casually for an errand tour. Or wear it with a blazer and shirt for a more formal look. If planning a beach holiday, sunglasses with chain will look great with printed kaftans.

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