Writing letter to Santa Claus addressed to North Pole has been an integral part of Christmas celebration for kids for years. Penning down their wishes, the kids express their desires of what they want Santa to gift them. The Internet is filled with images of such letters and most of them are super sweet to read. However, every now and then, some letters appear on social media which hit people right in feels. Just like the one shared on Reddit by a user of the platform who wrote that it’s a letter written by their son.

“I’m a UPS driver and I cried when I opened up our son’s letter to Santa,” says the caption shared alongside the image.

The letter written by the young one starts with the traditional greeting “Dear Santa.” It then reads, “I would really like to spend more time with my dad.” The letter then goes on to explain how the kid’s dad can’t take offs as he is an UPS (package delivery company) driver and all the little one wants is for Santa to help him so that they can be together.

Since being shared about a day ago, the post has left people emotional and teary-eyed. It also received more than 1.2 lakh upvotes.

“Dang, this is heart melting. It resonates big with me. My dad worked some late nights for many years during my childhood. He took a lot of overtime and worked. This ended up affecting me, missing my dad, but really confused how to address it. I would fake that I couldn’t sleep and wait until he got home every night for stretch. I was always greeted by a patient man who would help me get to sleep or get a snack or whatever. We often watched the Three Stooges because it came on TV at that time and Netflix/on demand didn’t exist yet. It was a really basic bonding that I’ll always cherish. Now, I know that he probably doesn’t remember much about it. He often will express frustration at himself for not spending as much time with me and my sister when we were younger (fleeting days of our lives syndrome). But funny enough, my sister and I never really had much of a chance to experience that frustration. We only see the hard work that he put in during our childhood and the effort that he did show. Damn it OP, I do hope you can make his Christmas wish come true,” shared a Reddit user.

To which, the original posted replied, “Thanks for your story. This letter really opened up my eyes on some things.”

Others also shared similar reactions. There were many who shared how their fathers too worked hard in their childhood but also recalled the fond memories they have created with their dads.

An individual wrote that this is the most “realistic” thread they have ever read and it left them moist-eyed. The sentiment was expressed by a few others too.

What do you think of the post?

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