2020 has been the year of one new trend after the other, starting from banana bread and Dalgona coffee making right in the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown to the most recent one, given the Christmas spirit all around: the Elf on The Shelf challenge, which has been sweeping social media all around. Of the many things that 2020 made us realise, one definitely was that celebrities, much like ourselves will also indulge in some mindless fun given all the time they to have been trapped indoors, and they just can’t seem to get enough of the Elf on The Shelf challenge. While a series of Hollywood A-listers including Elizabeth Banks, Sophie Turner, Jon Bon Jovi, Cara Delevingne, Celine Dion, have participated in the trending challenge on Instagram, most recently Priyanka Chopra Jonas also participated, and soon following suit was leading designer and the brains behind House of Masaba, Masaba Gupta. Unlike the actual Christmas holiday tradition where parents would place an ‘elf on the shelf’ who will report back to Santa Claus and tell him whether the children have been naughty or nice that year, in the social media version of the trend, celebs post a picture of themselves with a tiny celebrity/person/character/thing perched on their shoulder or arm, preferably one whose name rhymes with their own.


Priyanka posted a picture of herself from Cannes last year, where she can be seen wearing a white cape and strapless power suit combo, she had the image of a small Oprah Winfrey perched on her shoulder, she captioned the image cheekily, “Oprah on Chopra. Boom. #hadto #myelf @oprah.” She did so soon after sister-in-law Sophie Turner posted a photo of herself as her Game of Thrones character Sansa, with iconic Jerry Seinfeld character George Constanza perched on her shoulder, she captioned, “Costanza on Sansa #MyElf It’s actually pronounced Sahn-sa but … for the sake of comedy I’ll allow this.”


Masaba on the other hand went with masala, and her caption suggested that she has often been called that, with her image she captioned, “For every time I’ve been called ‘Masala madam’ – this one had to make it to the gram! #elfontheshelf #myelf #masalaonmasaba.”

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