Tis the season to be jolly…and it’s also almost time to bid adieu to the year 2020 and get ready to ring in the New Year. And what better way to infuse merriment than to do up our homes. At this time of the year, markets are flooded with decorative items such as Christmas stars, trees, fairy lights and much more, but owing to the Covid-19 scare, one may be wary of stepping out, fearing exposure to the virus.

But, experts say the solution to our décor woes lies in our homes itself! By upcycling items such as old vases and glass or ceramic jars, and infusing a pop of colour with metal accessories and ottomans, one can easily create a festive vibe in their abodes. Here are a few tips to help you ring in festivities:

Planting positivity: Huge corner planters and tall planters are a calm and lively highlight, while smaller succulents and bonsai plants make the space look classy and delicate. Simple vases with fresh flowers, along with lamps, poufs, ottomans, benches, bean bags, coffee tables and artwork add a dreamier, charming, cozy and relaxing look. Grouping similar objects in clusters of three further creates a natural symmetry and a sense of luxury.

A blend of patterns and colours: Upholstery in natural fabrics like linen and silk, or bamboo mats and woven rugs make for an interesting ambiance. A wide assortment of forms, colours, textures and patterns, along with a healthy dose of neutrals and wood, colours and highlight accessories create a clean, simple and elegant design.

Give shelves a quirky touch: If you have wall shelves filled with books, try arranging them in a more traditional manner. Besides stacking them on top of one another, place a few mini pots, figurines, lamps, or candle holders to create some character and depth. You can also colour coordinate the books and accessories you put together to give it a clean, chic finish.

A simple bookshelf can be transformed into a unique one by including artefacts.

Minimal, yet impactful: Low-budget interiors are all about designing minimal yet ingenious and impactful details that encourage a maximum utilisation and clear legibility of space, without compromising on the overall quality of the strong spatial narratives created. Characteristic hardware finishing like colourful knobs, funky handles, modern door stoppers, quirky locks etc. help elevate the personality of the space. Also, by placing a few colourful pillows here and there in your seating area, you can add a stylish, fun tone.

Using elements in hues of red and white can give a festive feel.

Using elements in hues of red and white can give a festive feel.
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Mirror, mirror on the wall: When speaking of simple yet edgy home décor elements, mirrors can never be forgotten. If paired with appropriate lighting, it can create an illusion that your space is wider than it really is. Just hang a mirror across a space that sources light, like a lamp light or window, and create an instant artistic design. Utilise this trick by hanging a collection of mirrors in different shapes and sizes and have an elegant, polished finish on the wall.

The fragrance of festivities: Imagine the aroma of fresh lavenders and roses as you step into your homes. You could induce fragrance in your homes by placing some fresh petals in decorative metal, glass, or wooden vases for that sense of comfort and calmness.

With inputs from interior designers Punam Kalra and Palash Agrawal

Author tweets @srinidhi_gk

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