Several videos on the Internet bear witness to the fact that doggos love playing games with their humans. It was no different for the adorable pomsky named Scarlett until her human decided to prank her. The funny clip shared on Scarlett’s human Zoe Zimmerman’s Instagram may make you laugh out loud and also say aww simultaneously.

The clip starts with Zimmerman giving Scarlett the option to choose one of her hands that may contain a treat. The smart doggo goes on to pick out a hand but it turns out to be a prank. The surprised doggo’s expression will surely tickle your funny bone.

Take a look at the clip:

Shared on December 15, the clip has garnered almost 3,000 views along with numerous comments from netizens. People couldn’t stop gushing at the adorable pooch’s stunned expression. While some felt sorry for Scarlett’s wrong decision, others couldn’t stop laughing at the whole clip.

“She was like.. hold on!” pointed out an Instagram user. “Aww. She was like wait. What?” wrote another. “Soo cute. She literally went like, ‘no I don’t want it anymore. Thank you’”, joked a third.

“The shock on her face,” said a fourth.

What are your thoughts on this hilarious clip?

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