Dol Purnima 2021: Today on Dol Purnima, Vaishnavites celebrate of Chaitanya Mahaprabhuji

Dol Purnima or Dol Jatra is being celebrated in West Bengal, Odisha and Assam. Dol Purnima is also known as Phalguna Purnima is many parts of the country. Dol Purnima is also the birth anniversary of Chaitanya Mahaprabhuji 1486 – 1534 C.E.), a great spiritual leader and the founder of the Gaudiya Vaishnavism. Falling on the Full Moon day in the month of Phalgun, according to the Hindu calendar. Today is the 535th Birth Anniversary of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

Dol Purnima tithi started at 3:27 AM today and will end at 12:17 AM on March 29.

Dol Purnima is the approach of the spring equinox. The day is also known as Vasant Utsav across the country. On Vasant Utsav, nearly the whole country gets into a great festive mood.

Gulal and ‘pichkari’ or toy guns filled with coloured water, are an intrinsic part of Dol Jatra. Gujiyas, dahi vada, ladoos, buttermilk, thandai and ‘bhang’ are some of the Holi special food and drinks that are synonymous with Dol Jatra and Holi.


Happy Vasant Utsav 2021!

Music and dance are a big part of Dol Purnima in West Bengal and Assam. Men and women dress up in bright spring colours of yellow and violet and the young and old put flowers in the hair. There are great sessions song and dance in households and communities. 

Here are Dol Purnima wishes to share

“May the splash of colors bring joy in your life family. Have Dol Jatra and Vasant Utsav!”

“I not only wish to paint your face but also your life with the vibrant colors of love, happiness and joy. Happy Dol Purnima to you dear!”

”May your Dol Purnima be filled with vibrant colours, good health and prosperity . Happy Vasant Utsav!”


Happy Dol Purnima 2021!

Happy Dol Purnima! 

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