egg curry recipe

Many delicious dishes are made from eggs; both veggie and non-vegetarian are very loving of it. Today we will make egg curry which is very tasty and you can make it in very short time. If you are a college student or one of the office goers, and you are late, then at such a time you can make an egg recipe in a very short time. You can eat egg recipe with roti, rice, etc. You can make more or less gravy if you want. It is an amazing source of flavour as well as protein and vitamins. So let’s see how to make egg recipe?

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 20 to 25 minutes

Serving: 3 people

To make egg curry we need:-


  1. Egg: 6
  2. Onion (Chopped Onion): 2
  3. Green Chili: 4
  4. Ginger paste: 1 – teaspoon
  5. Garlic pest: 1 – teaspoon
  6. Tomato: 2 (grind in mixer)
  7. Cumin: 2 pinch
  8. Whole Garam masala
  9. Coriander leaf
  10. Chili powder: 1 – teaspoon
  11. Turmeric powder: 1 – teaspoon
  12. Coriander powder: 1 – teaspoon
  13. Garam masala (powder): 1 – teaspoon
  14. Salt: as per taste
  15. Oil: 100 grams

Note:  To make its gravy good, we will put a little coconut milk or coconut powder in it, which will change the taste of the whole curry.

Cooking Steps

  1. First, boil the egg and peel it and cut it a little bit from the middle, so that the oil does not get splashed while frying the eggs.
  2. Now place the pan on the gas and add oil to it. Then add chili, turmeric, black pepper, and salt. Then add the egg and fry it for a while. Now put some oil in another pan or pan and after it gets hot, add cumin and whole garam masala to it. Then add chopped onion and roast it till it turns golden brown.
  3. Now add ginger and garlic paste, green chilies, turmeric powder, chili powder, coriander leaves and roast them. Then add tomatoes paste to it and cook it for a while and when the tomato is cooked well, add water to it and make gravy and cook it for 2 minutes.
  4. Now take the coconut in a mixer jar and add some water and grind it. Then add it to the gravy. Now put the fried eggs in it, and cook for a while. Now put hot masala and coriander leaves in it, and our egg curry is ready.
  5. Now take it out in a serving bowl and serve it with hot roti, naan, or rice.

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