Hiring of entry-level professionals is likely to witness a significant uptick going ahead as corporates are keen to hire freshers across job roles, according to a survey by TeamLease EdTech. According to TeamLease EdTech, formerly known as Schoolguru Eduserve, India Inc is keen on hiring fresh skilled talents and more than 15 per cent of the corporates have expressed an intent to hire freshers.

The ‘Career Outlook Report Feb-Apr 21′ report noted that business development, sales professionals, graphic designers, digital marketing associates, content writers and web developers are the leading job roles for freshers’ recruitment.

The Career Outlook Report provides insights into job roles, skills the market requires and the types of courses that prepare job seekers to effectively respond to market demand. The report analyses insights gathered from 815 employers, across 18 sectors and 14 cities in India.

“Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, hiring of freshers continues to be on a strong growth trajectory. For the period February-April 2021, freshers hiring intent has improved by 2.5 times from the lockdown period and as the economy opens up, it is expected to go up further,” said TeamLease EdTech founder and CEO Shantanu Rooj.

Rooj further said that “apart from the buoyancy, what stood out was the growing focus on specialised skills that employers expect from fresh job entrants”.

Out of the 90 job roles that corporates are looking at hiring freshers, over 65 per cent are the ones that require specialised skills, Rooj added.

As per the findings, employers expect freshers to be equipped with domain skills like product and service advertising, data analytics, web and mobile app development, and spreadsheet skills.

Additionally, according to the report, employers also expect freshers to possess soft skills like reasoning, analytical thinking, complex problem solving, active learning and critical reasoning.

The courses that freshers can look at to improve their employability are automation, software development and graphic designing.

“Most of the sought-out jobs profiles for freshers require additional learning, and freshers need to constantly invest in upskilling themselves and staying ahead of the curve. The need of the hour is not just hone domain skills but also soft and niche skills,” said TeamLease EdTech co-founder and President Neeti Sharma.

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