Our esteemed readers,

We are filled with joy today.We are now able to connect again with you by way of our print edition of ET-Panache Travel. With your support, we shall remain regularly in touch and delight you with attractive features every week.

We are also extremely thankful for your enthusiastic response during the past few months to our online initiatives.

We have been sharing stories on our official
Facebook page: ETPanacheTravel,
Instagram handle: @realetpanachetravel, and
Twitter handle: @ETPanacheTravel.

On social media, every time you conveyed your desire to travel, we were happy to announce how the world was readying itself to welcome you with open arms again.

As of today, domestic tourism in India has picked up and the destinations of Goa (for its beaches) and the hilly regions of Lonavla and Araku (for its luxurious places of stay) along with Himalayan homestays, detox spa outlets (for rejuvenation and relaxation) have captured the attention of the domestic Indian travellers.

International tourism is now picking up momentum too. It was Maldives and Dubai that were playing happy hosts to Indians in the past few months and the rest of the world is already announcing its travel plans for you to consider ahead.

Indeed, all humans bond over hope and gratitude and it is now time for us to re-think our roles as travellers. We need to be more ecologically-conscious, sensitive toward community ethos and careful about making a positive impact.

The earth is healing and we must realign our sustainability goals for a greener future ahead. Let’s begin our safe journey together and remind each other of the divinity that we share with every creature of nature living all around us.

Best wishes for the festive season.

Nimisha Tiwari

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