Among all the happy and adorable videos of kids and their pets, here’s one more that’ll instantly make you smile. Choreographer-filmmaker Farah Khan has shared an adorable video of her daughter Anya and her pet puppy.

“A girl & her dog,” reads part of the caption shared by Khan on Instagram. She details further how her daughter Anya has managed to train and teach her pet puppy several things all by herself. She learnt how to do so by watching YouTube videos.

“Anya decided to train her puppy herself by seeing YouTube videos.. she’s taught smoochy potty training, how to give high5 n also how to bless her and pat her cheek,” she wrote. “Now I just need her to rob a bank and we are set,” she added jokingly.

Watch little Anya and her puppy below:

Wasn’t that just delightful. People on Instagram sure think so. Since being posted some 21 hours ago, the video has collected over 22,000 likes and lots of comments.

“Sooo sweet – the both of them,” wrote an Instagram user. “Clever girl. Well done Anya,” commented another. “Super cutee!” shared another.

What do you think about this video?

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