As the number of people taking international flights from Delhi is increasing, Delhi Airport has opened the testing facility on its premises for outgoing passengers as well. The facility has been limited to incoming passengers so far.

All international passengers are required to have a Covid-19 negative report before flying. The report should not be older than 96 hours — the times varies according to the rules of the destination countries. Despite all these checks and balances being in place for international travellers, Indian airlines have been accused of carrying Covid-19 positive passengers. Dubai civil aviation authority has even asked Air India Express to reject Covid-19 report from four specific labs in India, as their negative reports proved to be false.

In this background, the facility at Delhi Airport might com handy to outbound passengers. Here’s all you need to know:

1. If you are planning to get tested at the airport, you must reach the airport at least 7 to 8 hours before your scheduled journey as the report will take four to six hours to be processed.

2. The price is Rs 2,400, as decided by the Delhi government. Waiting lounge charge is Rs 2,600.

3. The facility is available round the clock.

4. The facility, which was so far limited to only incoming passengers, can be pre-booked online where passengers are required to put their name, email address, Aadhaar or passport number, flight number, PNR number, date, times slot and the number of passengers to be tested. There are one-hour time slots throughout the day.

5. Passengers are required to give nasal and throat swab samples.

Delhi airport has recently been certified as the second safest aerodrome in the world in post-Covid-19 safety survey. Singapore’s Changi Airport is the first.

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