Videos involving baby animals are too cute to handle. Period. Baby pandas are no exception to that rule and this video shared on Instagram proves that perfectly. It shows a tiny panda cub catching some Zs. What’s even more endearing is that the clip also captures a love-filled interaction between the tiny one and its mom.

Shared on Smithsonian’s National Zoo’s official Instagram account, the clip is absolutely adorable. The clip starts with the panda cub sleeping and at one point, you can also catch its faint snoring sound. The video then progresses to show the tiny one getting some cuddles from its mom. It’s best to watch the video with the sounds on as that adds on to the cuteness of the clip even more.

“Adorable” to “amazing”, the video received all sorts of comments from people. It has also garnered nearly 64,000 views.

“Their cuddles make me so happy,” wrote an Instagram user. “With all that happens in my country and around the world, Mei and her bundle of joy is one of few things that puts smile on my face,” expressed another. And, we second the feeling.

“Omg! He is so adorable,” mentioned a third. “So cute! This content is what I exactly needed,” shared a fourth.

What do you think of the clip?

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