People across the world are now engaged in “normals” which, a few months back, were simply unthinkable. From always wearing masks while going outside to shifting to working from home, the changes people have adapted to due to the ongoing pandemic are many. In fact, the Internet is filled with content reminding people of these changes, especially those related to WFH. Now, Google has joined in too with their latest post on WFH.

Taking to Instagram, the tech giant shared several images which showcase different WFH scenarios. Google asked which of these people relate to the most. Netizens answered and how!

“Which WFH style best describes you,” they asked.

From messy to organised, to with pets to without them, Google shared images of different situations. Take a look:

Since being shared, the post received tons of likes and comments.

“Definitely 7, wrote an Instagram user. “Half 6 and half 8,” expressed another. “1 is too real for me,” said a third. “Pretend 4 will be me but in reality 5,” confessed a fourth.

Which style resembles you the best?

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