Maybe you have outgrown the idea of dressing up in a punny costume and hitting the town or the Covid-19 might have dampened your thrill for Halloween 2020 but we are just in time to try and lift up your mood with a flood of suggestions to give your partner a good scare on your Halloween date and bond closer together than on an ideal romantic date. The list caters to those wanting to take the date to next level or those simply in a mood for racing heartbeats and rekindling of romantic sparks.

Check out from this list of date ideas with a spooky vibe to boost attraction and create intimacy between you and your partner:

1. Camp out under the blue moon

There is nothing that brings couple closer than getting fresh air and enjoying nature together and since there will be a blue moon on October 31, 2020, you can camp outdoors and enjoy the “once in a blue moon” moment. The blue moon occur just once every 18 or 19 years and since this is the second full moon of the month, set up a tent, howl if you want to and enjoy the show.

2. Visit a haunted house

Every city, town and even malls have a ridge, a broken down premises or a haunted house which is off the limits for everyday activities or makes you change directions every time you pass it. Well, the time to pay it a visit is now.

From getting your blood pumping to screaming, shrieking and holding on to each other for dear life, it will be once in a lifetime experience to bond together with your partner.

3. Opt for a quarantine-o-ween scavenger hunt

Those living physically distant from their partners amid Covid-19 quarantine, do a zombie apocalypse scavenger hunt. All you need for this is an app on zombie scavenger and drop yourself in the middle of your respective cities to work together and try to outrun those pesky zombies while sharing a mix of laughs and spooky moments as you live through a Zombie Apocalypse.

Call up your friends and their partners and convert it into a big group date to make it even more fun and bring you all closer together.

4. Eerie confessions of frightful tales

Those looking to minimize the risk of outdoors amid the ongoing pandemic, snuggle inside during the official cosy season and share eerie stories of your past that spooked you out. To get in the Halloween vibe, switch off the lights and keep only your mobile torch on as you narrate your creepy and spooky experiences that add to a night full of fright.

This will not only get your adrenaline pumping but it will also bring you and your partner closer.

5. Scary movie marathon

Another option for the lover of indoors is a backyard scary movie screening or work your way through horror classics while cuddling on the couch. If not a horror flick, opt for at least a psychological thriller and spend the entire night squeezing each other since being scared just gives you a good excuse to cuddle up.

The blue moon, the intimacy of confessions, frightful tales and others are all you need to draw closer to your partner this Halloween and a perfect time to trick or treat your lover with stolen kisses.

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