Among the many things one should do for good health is to consume foods that help boost the body’s metabolism. While there are many ways to do so, one effective remedy to not just improve the bowel movements but also strengthen teeth and gums is chewing on roasted sesame seeds – either white or brown – as per ayurvedic tradition.

For the uninitiated, teeth and gum health needs more than just regular brushing. They need to be strengthened with calcium-rich foods.

Ayurveda massage therapist Niti Sheth wrote a detailed post on Instagram on how sesame seeds can help one’s health immensely.

Take a look!

As per Sheth, chewing roasted sesame seeds early in the morning helps strengthen the teeth and improve receding gums. “After chewing, brush your teeth again with a soft toothbrush, without using toothpaste or toothpowder,” she mentioned.

Why sesame seeds?

The explanation can be found in scientific reasoning as well. As sesame seeds are rich in calcium, they preserve the bone around the teeth and gums. They also help slough off plaque while helping build tooth enamel.

What are some of the other benefits of chewing sesame seeds?

When one chews roasted sesame seeds early in the morning, it helps “stimulate the liver and stomach and improves the digestive fire”. “Oral health is an important part of our day – not just for our teeth and gums, but also for our digestive, organ and tissue health,” said Sheth.

As per Sheth, sesame seeds are an all-round Ayurvedic wonder seed! “They help strengthen bones, teeth, and hair; their unctuous property helps treat dry constipation in elderly and vata individuals; the seeds can also help soothe a dry and hacking cough,” she added.

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