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November 28, 2020 6:20:15 pm

Digital stress is caused by over-exposure or negative interactions with digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, and social media platforms. (Photo: Pixabay)

Ever since we began isolating at our homes, we have continued to witness the world through our phone screens. Stuck in within the four walls, our phone has become a sense of virtual getaway but slowly it is turning into a menace given the recurring notifications, emails and more. This has led to us being compelled to check our devices more often than needed. In turn, it has led to us being anxious and stressed out as we scroll endlessly. “The proliferation of smart devices, increasing internet penetration, the fear-of-missing-out digital advancements, and hectic lifestyle has led to increased incidences of digital stress,” says Jayant Bokadia, CEO, Nimba Nature Cure.

The only way to relieve the pressure is to go for a digital detox. Bokadia says it refers to the practice of abstaining from the use of digital devices such as smartphones for a defined period to get rid of stress caused due to constant and real-time connectivity.

There are various creative ways to practise digital detox, here are some mentioned below.

Use your smartphone judiciously 

Limit your consumption. This is a no-brainer and make sure you only use the notification feature for urgent matters. Turn off the notifications for apps that aren’t needed. “Refrain from joining too many irrelevant online chat groups and when you are outside work, try to limit your conversations only when it is necessary,” Bokadia suggests. But, most of all, restrict the use of a phone while eating and keep it away an hour before you go to sleep. 

Switch off from work

With many of us working from home, the boundaries between work and home have been blurred, which is why it is important to demarcate specific timings for work and home. “Being always available for work is among the leading reasons for technology-induced stress. When not at work, use that time to pursue something that does not involve digital exposure,” says Bokadia. 

Instead, take up a hobby which doesn’t require a digital device — like cooking, dancing, reading, or more. This helps in reducing the time spent on the phone screen significantly. 

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Inculcate the habit of reading in print

Reading in print helps in concentration leading to better absorption and comprehension of information. With little attention span and constant scrolling, one really doesn’t gain much knowledge as compared to reading from paper. He says, “It also reduces the strain on the eyes and amplifies the joy of reading. You may start with a print subscription to newspapers and then gradually you can expand it into reading books.” 

Exercising should be the key

“Increased screen time can also lead to obesity owing to a sedentary lifestyle. That is why we suggest following a proper exercise routine like brisk walking, yoga, swimming or gym workout. Try not to use headphones or any other digital device while exercising,” says Bokadia. 

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