With the temperature dropping outside, we all dress up in layers of clothing, and while doing so we often tend to forget about the jewellery lying in our closet. Most of our winter wardrobe includes long coats and scarves where even if we wear jewellery, they hardly get noticed. But that shouldn’t be a reason for you to ditch those pretty baubles in winter. Celebrities are always there for some fashion inspiration and fashion experts tell us how to style our statement neckpieces and earrings with our winter wardrobe to shine on the gloom.


“While wearing a neckpiece with your winter wardrobe might get a little trickier for some, for those beginners, it is suggested that they experiment with their earrings. From studs to danglers and chandeliers, your winter wardrobe will be further amped up with those pretty earrings in silver, stainless steel, platinum and even gemstones like emerald and ruby. But when you are wearing dangler earrings, don’t wear your scarf with it. Studs are best suited with scarves,” says stylist Vikram Seth.


For those of you who think they can rock a statement neckpiece with their winter wardrobe, here’s a word of caution. “For a sophisticated appeal, wear your neckpiece on top of your sweater or turtle neck tee and then layer it with your blazer or coat. You can invest in a good bracelet or handcuff to go with your winter wardrobe. Another safe bet for this chilly weather is an oversized ring. Also never make this faux pas of wearing your ring over the gloves,” suggests stylist Isha Bhansali.


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