After becoming one of the most loved playback singers in Bollywood, Armaan Malik is now rediscovering the musician in himself. After his debut English single, Control, won The Best India Act at the MTV Europe Music Award 2020, Malik is ready with another English single titled How Many. “This is something I’ve always wanted to do since I was a teenager. It’s not an idea that just popped in my head one fine day. It’s taken quite some time to get to this point and I’ve manifested it for very long. The main focus here is to make global pop/R&B music and showcase it to the world,” says Malik.


The Ghar Se Nikalte Hi singer adds, “It was definitely necessary for me to make the jump because I was not creatively motivated to do the same playback singing routine anymore. The artiste inside of me needed this change. It just happened to be the right time. I think India is the next big market in the music circuit. Global streaming giants have already set up shop here and are doing big things to further the growth of the Indian music market overseas. It’s the perfect time to have changed the gears.” .

Malik adds that while it may be easy to release a track internationally, it is quote difficult to crack a global audience. “English/western music comes more naturally to me than Hindi/Bollywood music. Even though my formal training has been in Hindustani classical music, I always found my attention and interest veering more towards western pop, R&B, and jazz. I am still learning on the go. There’s so much more work to put in to even make a dent in the global music space. It’s quite rare for an Indian singer to make a mark globally, but it isn’t impossible. This is just the beginning and I am determined to make all my dreams come true,” he says.


The Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon singer adds that his focus is now to sing in as many languages as possible. He says, “My focus is to release as many songs as I can across languages. Be it Hindi, English, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, or any other language; but yes, my focus will primarily be on English and Hindi content. The eventual plan is to put out an EP/Album. For now, I am putting out singles and taking it as it comes. I look forward to doing a lot of global collaborations and features. ”

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