Since shootings began in June, Nia Sharma has been working almost non-stop. From wrapping up her supernatural TV show Nagin 4 to participating and winning Khatron Ke Khiladi- Made In India, the actor went to Delhi for a show, and later to Shimla for a shoot too. “Post the lockdown, I have done enough work to not feel like I was in a lockdown. Both my TV shows went on for a month and since then I have been travelling. I have no complaints. It doesn’t feel like anything changed. I will fly to Goa soon for work and my New Year will be in Maldives. I have things lined up (laughs). I have had it easy this year as, by God’s grace, there was no struggle,” she shares.


She hit the headlines recently as her handbag was stolen from her car. The actor was quite upset as she lost a number of things. “Losing my bag was a huge setback. A girl carries her whole world in her purse. My driver is to blame as he was sleeping in the car with open windows, so who wouldn’t steal stuff? Other than the expensive bag, what hurts is that I lost a few things which were close to my heart including some clutches that I loved, my house keys, some jewellery etc. Thankfully, I had my wallet, my ids and credit cards with me. But I will get over this episode soon!!”

Sharma was harrowed to know that her bag was stolen and rushed to a nearby police station to file a complaint. She tagged the Mumbai police on Twitter and is thankful that they responded instantly. “I was impressed that they responded so quickly. They contacted me and helped me register an online complaint. The next day, they went to the area where the car was parked and checked CCTV footage but my car was parked in a spot which was not covered by cameras so they couldn’t track the thief. But they helped me in every possible manner,” she asserts.


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