While we were still exploring or waiting to check into the remote valleys and hills of India or hidden gems like Corsica, Verona and Prague that he made us add to our bucket list, Bollywood director Imtiaz Ali raised the bar of travel goals even further with his trip to Antarctica in January 2020. Recently, the Love Aaj Kal director gave fans a glimpse into his life changing travel experience at the 7th continent of the world which he had visited earlier this year with daughter Ida Ali and we can’t help but wish for a similar surreal trip to the remote and frozen wilderness of the South Pole.

Imtiaz and Ida had rung in the New Year 2020 at Antarctica and taking to his Instagram handle on Sunday, the former shared a slew of throwback pictures which looked all things dreamy, exotic and father-daughter goals. From lying idle on the snow-capped peaks to views of the giant glaciers and floating blocks of ice, Imtiaz made netizens believe in the impossibility of a paradise on Earth.

Twinning in red jackets as they allowed fans a sneak-peek into their polar voyage to the end of the world, Imtiaz and Ida posed for postcard-like pictures. The stellar filmmaker shared in the caption, “#throwback1jan2020, thanking the universe for taking us as far as we could go on the first day of this year!!! (sic).”


Back in March, around World Wildlife Day, Imtiaz had shared an adorable video which he had shot on his iPhone and featured a chinstrap penguin hopping in the backdrop of a cruise ship. Imtiaz had hilariously captioned it, “I know some people who walk like this (sic).”


In another video, he was heard expressing his wish to swim in the Antarctic sea one day and we won’t be surprised if he shot his next movie there.


The pictures are enough distraction to make us muse about visiting the vast stretch of the great white land of ice, yearn to watch leopard seals on a hunt and wishfully fantasize about listening to the call of the great humpback whales. Sigh!

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