Budget Session 2021: The world got a glimpse of how India managed Covid pandemic, PM Modi said

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said India has to be “self-reliant to cement her place in the new world order that will emerge after Covid. India, he said, is at a “turning point” owing to her handling of the coronavirus crisis and the global community’s awareness about it.

“Many felt that if India cannot manage it, then the world is doomed, but we overcame the crisis,” he said in his reply to the Motion of Thanks on the President’s address.

“While major powers were not being able to handle the COVID-19 crisis, India stood strong. India led the way. The world got a glimpse of how India managed the COVID-19 pandemic, rose to the occasion and not only overcame a crisis being self-reliant, but also helped nations across the world,” he said, adding “This is the turning point”.

India, he said, has been able to acquire this position due to the cooperation of all 130 crore Indians, especially the doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers.


“Young healthcare workers, who left their homes saying they will return soon, worked for 15-20 days non-stop, worked selflessly, to ensure that we all are healthy. They were no less than gods and goddesses,” he added to cheers and table thumping by other members.

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