While meditation is globally accepted as the tool with which human beings have been able to streamline their thoughts and reduce stress, ‘heartfulness’ has been understood to be a guide that has helped people to get in touch with the core of their heart for a more purposeful existence.

On the occasion of the 75th year of ‘Heartfulness’ movement on behalf of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered the valedictory address and spoke on the importance of mental and physical health, by means of meditation and spirituality.

He appreciated the efforts of Heartfulness volunteers for spreading the message of yoga and meditation to the world, while also hailing ‘Guide of Heartfulness’ Kamlesh Patel for bringing together the best of Indian and western cultures.

“The world is dealing with a lot of issues — from the ongoing pandemic to a fast-paced life and lifestyle disorders, and even terrorism. And in these perilous times, yoga and heartfulness are like a ray of hope for the world,” the prime minister said.

On India’s fight against the pandemic, he said yoga and Ayurveda have played a significant role. “When the pandemic had started, every other nation showed concern for India, but now we have become an inspiration to them. India is following a human-centric approach to furthering the global good. This approach is based on health, balance, welfare, well-being, and wealth.”

“Even before the pandemic, our nation had increased the focus on wellness,” he said, adding: “Our idea of wellness goes beyond curing a disease. There has been extensive work [done] on preventive healthcare.”

The prime minister said the importance of wellness is aimed at keeping the country’s youth fit, and so they “do not have to deal with lifestyle-related diseases”. “Our vision for wellness is as global as it is domestic… The world is looking at health and wellness seriously, especially after COVID-19. India has much to offer in this regard. Our yoga and Ayurveda can contribute to a healthy planet.”

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