Cats rule the Internet. Period. Be it grumpy, derpy or silly, people love almost every kind of cat videos. So, when Instagram shares a video of a cat and says that it deserves ‘royal treatment’, then you better believe. Still if you have some doubt, you should see the video and there’s a high possibility that you would agree.

The video shared by Instagram shows a cat named Mango. “Meet Mango, a well-groomed lady, deserving of the royal treatment,” they wrote while sharing the video.

The post is complete with an image besides the clip.The video shows the cat yawning while sitting in a very ‘poised’ position. The image shows her with a crown emoji on her head.

In a following comment, on the same post, they also mentioned how she is the “Queen of chill.”

Take a look at the post and decide for yourself if you agree:

Since being shared, the video has received more than one lakh likes – and the numbers are only increasing. It has additionally gathered tons of comments from people. Most wrote how she indeed looks like a queen. Some, however, related to the video in a different way and wrote that is how they look after a heavy meal.

“Royal Mango,” wrote an Instagram user. “Me, after Thanksgiving,” shared another. “Queen of chonkers,” said a third.

What do you think of the post?

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