Do you know who holds the record for making the world’s largest marker pen? Well, it was created by Kerala resident Muhammed Dileef. Guinness World Records recently shared a video on their Facebook page to show the huge pen being made and how it is used to write.

“Building the world’s biggest marker pen – India’s Muhammed Dileef’s got the write stuff,” says the caption shared along with the video. In the video, Dileef and a few others, can be seen building the pen that measures 2.745 m x 0.315 m. According to Guinness World Records’ website, the record was created on September 05 earlier this year.

A caption on the video details that Dileef built the pen to “inspire and motivate a new generation to read”. Watch the video below to see the pen being made and see how it writes: 

Since being shared on November 10, the video has collected 7,000 reactions and lots of comments from netizens.

“Great creativity,” wrote a Facebook user. “This is made for Thanos (Avengers),” commented another. “In case Hulk need to sign any document,” joked a third.

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