If you’ve been around the Internet recently, then you have seen the viral video of an adorable kid named Anushrut. The recording shows the child being less-than-pleased about getting a haircut. Anushrut’s innocent protests won netizens’ hearts, and if you’re someone who found the young one’s complaints rather hilarious, then here is some content you cannot miss.

Instagram user @jayroy_11 shared these recordings from his profile, one on December 1 and then another on December 2. The first post has been shared with the hashtag #funny. Check out the hilarious post which has already accumulated over 1.1 lakh views and many appreciative comments.

If you giggled till the very of that recording, then know that you’re not alone. Here is what Instagram users had to say about the share. One person said, “It’s funny”.

Another individual wrote, “Comedy gold”.

Giving the viewers what they want, @jayroy_11 shared another such clip where he dubbed a Bollywood song with Anushrut’s original video. That post has accumulated nearly 45,500 views. Watch if you want the chuckle-fest to continue:

“That is rad bro,” read one comment under the post. An Instagram user stated, “Just amazing”.

What are your thoughts on the share? Did it leave you snickering too?

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