Let’s break some good bread.

Bocadillo, Mercado, Madrid


Sample this, bocadillos de calamares aka lightly fried squid rings positioned in a nice roll of crispy crusty bread and crowned with a squirt of rich garlicky aioli or a squash of fresh lemon. This humble pleasure makes for a great snack or meal and apart from as a fabulous squid sandwich, also comes in a delightful assortment of other bocadillos, as their name implies.

Burger at Noma 2.0, Copenhagen

Burger at NomaAgencies

When restrictions eased in Denmark , Noma 2.0 was back on its feet and celebrated summer in the best (and safest) way it could. The first phase reopened to the patio offering wine and yes for the first time one could walk into Noma without a reservation and relish a burger and a drink for just 15 euros! On the menu were a cheeseburger and the veggie burger. Both interesting and teeming with umami, with a little bit of mystic from the fermentation cellar. Not on the menu anymore, but you may get lucky, if you give the chef a heads up at the time of your reservation confirmation.

Khoubz at Syrah, Delhi

​Khoubz and MezzeAgencies

Khoubz and Mezze at Syrah at Hyatt Regency Delhi

The staple component of Middle Eastern cooking, the earnest and multipurpose pita bread popularly known as khoubz in Lebanese form an integral part of Levant cuisine and is served with nearly every meal. Syrah at The Hyatt Regency Delhi has its own bread oven, Chef De Cuisine Mohamed Kassem advises to pair it with hot or cold mezze. It goes very well with Hummus, (Pureed chickpeas tahini paste, lemon juice), Muhamara, (Red capsicum, chili, breadcrumb, olive oil, onion, garlic, lemon juice, nuts, pomegranate molasses), Fattoush, (Mixed seasonal salad, garlic, vinegar, olive oil, pomegranate molasses) or Tabbouleh, (Finely chopped parsley, tomato, spring onion, fresh mint, crushed wheat, Lemon juice, olive oil).

Black Burger at Thursday Market at Berlin

​Black BurgerAgencies

Black Burger at the Thursday street market in berlin.

A trip to Berlin is partial without a stop at Eisenbahnstrasse 42-43, which having been progressive from chaos and re-established to new brilliance as a community-owned place for all market hall, nearly over a hundred and twenty years after it originally opened. Distinguished as the courtyard of the kitchen creatives, this is unquestionably one of the significant breakfronts of what is newest in Berlin gastronomy. The black burger is an absolute must try!!!

King Size Shrimp Sandwich at Heaven 23, Gothenburg

​King Size Shrimp SandwichAgencies

King Size Shrimp [email protected] Heaven 23, Gothenburg

This fabulous sandwich goes back to its conception in 1984. The original recipe is from America, where grander is always better. King Size Shrimp Sandwich’s immense uprising came in 2002, when Heaven 23 at Gothia Towers Main IN Gothenburg was opened. By March 2009 over a zillion of these were sold. A distinct que makes this a best-seller and that too year after year, which also means they go through a notable 35 tons of Coldwater shrimps annually and keep growing. The sandwich comprises a salad, mayonnaise, hard-boiled eggs, a least of 200 grams of peeled shrimps and marinated red onion… capped off with a spoonful of vendace roe.

Rupali Dean is a food writer based out of Delhi.

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