The backbending or bow pose exercise of Yoga increases and regains spinal strength and flexibility and this week, Malaika Arora was seen teaching fitness enthusiasts how to do that with Dhanurasana to improve your posture amid work from home. As we crouch before our laptops and computer systems, working extended hours from home during the Covid-19 quarantine, Malaika’s fitness challenge came at the right time to help us bounce back on a healthy note with Yoga’s Dhanurasana to maintain a good posture.

Taking to her Instagram handle, Malaika shared a picture of herself nailing the asana so as to encourage fans to choose Yoga every day. Donning an onion pink sports bra teamed with a similar coloured athleisure wear, Malaika pulled back her sleek hair in a ponytail to keep her tresses off her face during the rigorous workout session.

“It feels so good to rebounce every Monday with that one asana, the practice of Yoga that keeps us all connected. It is through #MalaikasMoveOfTheWeek that just gives me the right start ahead (sic)” she shared in the caption. The actor added, “Today’s Pose is Dhanurasana This pose is excellent for maintaining a good posture as it stretches the front as well as your back muscles. Avoid this pose if you have severe back or neck injury (sic).”



Lie down on your stomach, keep your feet slightly apart and almost parallel to your hips while placing your arms on the side of your body. Slowly, fold your knees up and raise your hands backwards to hold your ankles.

Inhale, lift your chest off the ground, pull your legs up and stretch it out while feeling the tension on your arms and thighs. Breathe deeply and hold onto the pose for 12-15 seconds before bringing your chest and legs back to the ground slowly.

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