The Internet is filled with content which show couples taking pictures or videos of each other. Such content at times are endearing and at times hilarious. However, this clip shared on Reddit takes the cake as it is both. It shows a silly yet lovely prank a husband plays on his wife. There is a possibility that after seeing the video you will not only be giggling but will also get overwhelmed by the cuteness of the whole affair.

A Reddit user took to the platform to share the video along with a small yet descriptive caption. “I like to take videos of my wife, and tell her I am taking pictures,” it reads.

The clip shows the husband facing the camera and the wife giving different poses in the background thinking her husband is clicking pictures. It’s towards the end that she realises he’s taking a video and reacts in a very sweet way.

Since being shared, the video has gathered more than 1.3 lakh upvotes and tons of love-filled comments.

“The real funny bit is how dumb my face looks,” the original poster wrote on his own share. To which, Redditors came forward to say that his face doesn’t look dumb but cute. Just like this individual who wrote, “No it’s cute cause it looks like you were basically just watching her be silly, smiling and loving it. Y’all are so precious.” “I love that face. That’s the ‘I love this person so much and they love me back AND they make me laugh? Awesome!’ look. I do that one a lot!” shared another.

“This is incredibly wholesome, thank you for sharing. That shocked “baabe!” at the end made it!” said a third.

“Alright. Your wife is now officially one of my favorite people,” confessed an individual. And, the original posted replied with something even more amazing. “I’d like to hug this comment right here,” he shared.

What do you think of the video?

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