Are you someone who has to put more than one (even eight to nine) alarms to wake up in the morning? Do you still, at times, miss the alarms and have to rely on someone to wake you up so that you don’t sleep in longer than you should? Then you may be thankful that they don’t wake you up in the way shown in this video. Shared on Reddit, this video may seem irritating and unusual but is also absolutely hilarious.

“Girl! You’re Late For Work!” the clip was shared with this caption a day ago. It shows a woman sleeping in a bed and a man with a microphone trying to wake her up by singing in a high pitched voice. You need to watch the video to actually grasp what’s happening:

Since being shared, the clip has gathered more than 66,000 upvotes and the numbers are only increasing. It has also received close to 1,500 comments from people. From lauding the man to relating with the woman, the reactions were varied.

“The 5 seconds when she’s trying to work out how to stop this nightmare are priceless… fuggit – pillow attack!,” wrote a Reddit user. “I think she’s legit trying to figure out how to stop the alarm. I’ve definitely tried to turn off alarms on objects that have nothing to do with the clock (like my small fan, lol),” shared another.

“Great voice, wicked sense of humour… I like this guy,” expressed a third.

What do you think of the video?

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