If you’ve been around the Internet recently, then you are probably familiar with the curious case of the monoliths. These mysterious items have *lately been popping up and vanishing unexpectedly from various locations all around the world. Several theories are doing the rounds on the Internet as netizens try to figure out the reason behind this strange phenomenon. Adding fuel to the fire, another monolith has been recently spotted on an English island, and that has left people scratching their heads.

The structure was spotted on the Compton beach of the Isle of Wight by beach-goers. However, this monolith is a tad bit different from the others spotted in different places. The monolith appeared to be made of mirrors and appeared to be shimmering. “We went down the steps and to the right about 100 yards in front us we saw this big reflection of the sun. I knew about all the monolith stories recently, so I recognised it straight away,” an individual named Tom Dunford told Sky News.

Take a look at the astonishing structure

People were thoroughly amazed by the monolith and dropped many comments for the phenomenon.

“How convenient they all appear in desolate areas, I mean if one would drop out of the sky in the middle of downtown New York City, that would be a phenomenon, don’t you think?” wrote an individual. “Aliens are marking their points, taking coordinates before striking,” said another. “This is scary,” commented a third.

What are your thoughts on this bizarre structure?

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