A Permanent Account Number enables the Income Tax Department identify a potential taxpayer.

Do you need to obtain a Permanent Account Number (PAN) card? A Permanent Account Number is a 10-digit alphanumeric number issued by the Income Tax Department. This number is unique for each income tax assessee. A ​PAN enables the Income Tax Department to identify all transactions made by a potential income tax assessee. These transactions include tax payments, tax deducted at source (TDS)/tax deducted at collection (TCS) credits and income tax returns. Furnishing a PAN is required for carrying out a range of tasks, such as opening a bank account or a demat account, or making large transactions. A PAN card is also accepted as valid photo identification at most organisations.​

How To Get A PAN Card

Which Form To Use?

A ​​​PAN card can be obtained by filling up the form 49A (49A for Indian citizens and 49AA for foreign citizens). 

Where To Submit A PAN Application?

A PAN application can be submitted online through the NSDL or UTIITSL ​website. These are: www.tin-nsdl.com and utiitsl.com, respectively. (Also read: Why having a PAN card is essential)

How Much Does A PAN Application Cost?

The charges for applying for a PAN range from Rs 93 to Rs 864 (excluding GST or Goods and Services Tax). For a communication address located within the country, a charge of Rs 93 (plus GST) is applicable, and for a communication address outside the country, a charge of Rs 864 (plus GST) applies, according to the I-T department’s website.

How To Make Payment?

The payment towards a PAN card application can be made through a credit/debit card, a demand draft or net banking, according to the Income Tax Department.


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