NEW DELHI: Government think tank Niti Aayog and Principal Scientific Advisor are working hard to bring back Indian talent from abroad, its Vice Chairman Rajiv Kumar said on Wednesday. Speaking at the release of India Innovation Index 2020, Kumar also said the office of Principal Scientific Advisor and Niti Aayog are working closely to create a seamless interaction among institutions to improve India’s innovation ecosystem.

“With the partnership with Principal Scientific Advisor K Vijay Raghavan, we are working very hard to try and bring back and attract Indian talent from abroad,” he said.

Kumar said there are already some schemes (to bring back Indian talent) and the government think tank wants to sharpen them.

“Maybe that will also become an indicator…which state is able to attract a larger number of Indian talent, completely frontline, the best of art talent back to the country, making our system more flexible, less red tape and by making our environment far more attractive,” he said.

Citing examples of cities like Boston, Tokyo and Cambridge, Kumar said there is a need to create seamless interaction among science and technology institutions.

“Delhi has 43 science and technology institutions, we need to create a seamless interaction (among these institutions) to improve the innovation ecosystem in our own country.

“And this can be an indicator for the states whether they are able to create this cluster activity in science and technology going forward,” he noted.

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