Even if you don’t want to change your diet, fitness experts suggest moderate-to-high aerobic exercises like running or jogging to stay healthy and taking the lead as we gear up to enter the new year, is President of India, Ram Nath Kovind. Setting Monday motivation right, President Kovind was seen wrapping up 2020 on a healthy note with a jogging session on the pristine Ghoghla beach in Diu.

Taking to his Twitter handle, he even shared a picturesque video of the beach painted in the fiery palette of sunrise as he jogged in its backdrop. He shared in the caption, “Jogged on the pristine Ghoghla beach in Diu this morning (sic).”

Sending across positive vibes, he added, “As we enter 2021, after a difficult year that has tested us all, let us rise together and make an endeavour to remain fit and healthy. May the coming year bring good health and prosperity in our lives (sic).”


Travel tip:

With less crowd, clean water and clean surrounding, the Ghogla Beach with its calm tides, provides a relaxing atmosphere. Located in the north of Diu town, the Ghogla Beach hosts gentle waves and is perfect for those preferring to stay aloof and away from the cacophony of the town.

As one of the least explored places, it is well maintained and excellent for water sports like parasailing, surfing and banana boat. It can be called a separate island since it is situated approximately 15 km from the main town.

Fitness tip:

On another note, if you too are looking to begin 2021 on a healthy note with workout on your priority list, begin with aerobic exercises like brisk walking, progress to jogging and work up to running. This weight bearing exercise burns plenty of kilojoules, improves cardiovascular fitness, strengthens muscles and helps to build strong bones along with maintaining a healthy weight.

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