Pugalur-Thrissur HVDC: The cost of the project is Rs.5,070 crores, according to the government

Pugalur (Tamil Nadu) – Thrissur (Kerala) HVDC Project: Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the 320 kV 2000 MW Pugalur (Tamil Nadu) – Thrissur (Kerala) HVDC project through video conference on Friday, February 19, and also dedicated a 50 MW Kasaragod solar power project to the nation. The cost of the project is Rs.5,070 crores, according to the government. According to R.K. Singh, Power Minister, the allocation for Kerala from the central sector is 2,266 MW but its peak drawl from the National Grid has already touched 3,100 MW, the maximum transfer capacity to Kerala. The minister added that as the demand increases, it is expected to touch 5,000 MW by the year 2022. 

According to a statement shared by the government, the project will enable the transfer of 2,000 MW of additional power to Kerala. Out of this, Kerala will be able to utilize 1,000 MW right now and draw the remaining 1,000 MW after strengthening the system for which the work is going on.

The transmission line is a voltage source converter-based high voltage direct current system (HDVC), the most modern system in the world and also, the first of its kind in India. The system enables safe and faster transmission with reduced losses and also enables transmission through cables.


Out of the 165 kms of transmission lines, about 27 km is by underground cables. The technology will facilitate smart grid, provide greater flexibility in reactive power management, and will also enable the integration of renewable energy resources.

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