In today’s day and age when many everyday tasks are conducted online, cybersecurity is something that should be on everyone’s mind. If you’re someone who is seeking to learn better cyber safety etiquette, then this post by the Pune Police may seem incredibly helpful to you.

This image was posted on Pune Police’s official Instagram and Twitter accounts on October 26. “Be Aware Be Secure,” reads the text shared alongside the post.

The graphic explains the ‘ABCs of Information Security Awareness’. It starts by saying, “A – Always properly log out after completion of online transactions”. The advice list goes all the way to Z, which stands for “Zero participation in Dark Web”. The share sheds some valuable advice, such as “R – Respect the privacy of others” and “S – Scan any file downloaded from the Internet before opening/using/installing”.

Check out the entire list to educate yourself on the best cybersecurity practices:

Since being shared on the Internet, this share has received a lot of appreciation from netizens. It has presently amassed over 100 likes on Instagram and many retweets on Twitter.

This isn’t the first time Pune Police has used its social media presence to spread essential cyber safety advice. The force previously used this scene from the famous sitcom The Office to warn individuals about the dire threat of identity theft. That share was posted along with the hashtag #IdentityTheftIsNotAJoke.

What are your thoughts on this post? Did you learn about any new cyber safety practices?

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