The classic French cap or the beret is being seen a lot on celebrities these days. Here’s what makes it so popular in 2020.

Updated: Dec 15, 2020, 16:10 IST

Sonam K Ahuja sports a beret with her denim jacket and tee.

This winter is all about trendy accessories to raise your style stakes. And designers and celebrities have umpteen of fashion inspiration for that. The classic French cap or the beret is being seen a lot on celebrities and it seems like they have ditched the woollen beanies for it. Berets are basically hats which are round in shape. They were originally worn in France and Spain. It was worn as a part of military uniform. And it had its moment in fashion time and again. What brings this back in trend? Fashion experts share their opinion with us.


“With time, berets have also seen an evolution in style. They are no longer the basic woollen berets in hues of black, blue or caramel. Now they are also made of leather, crotchet cotton and sequins. The fact that they keep returning to our closet is because they add instant chicness to any outfit and one would never go wrong while wearing a beret with a long coat,” says designer Jenjum Gadi.


While styling beret hats with your outfit keep these things in mind to make your look more striking. “While wearing a beret make sure you perfect the tilt on the side which looks natural. Also pull the fabric a little up from your head while wearing it so that it doesn’t look flat. Wear solid tones instead of prints with your beret since the whole idea of wearing it is to elevate your look,” says stylist Shaurya Mohan.

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