On World TV Day, we spoke to some TV stars who revealed why the small screen will always be loved and why it will never be out of fashion!


Vivian Dsena

In the last 12 years of my career, I have realised that TV is a basic necessity of every person in this world. It will never go out of fashion. We have seen that people love watching TV. More so, during the pandemic, as they are at home and watching their favourite shows is comforting and helps them pass the time. Audiences are loyal to their favourite TV shows and continue to watch them for years even, while a web show ends with few episodes and viewers might get hooked on to another web show or another platform to watch content and don’t necessarily stick to one.


Hiten Tejwani

Television audiences will never decline because I think, switching the TV on is a habit with many and secondly, they like certain stories and connect with the characters in the shows. So, viewers always want to know what happens next, not to forget, the drama on TV is addictive. As far as competition goes, TV has a wide reach, in fact, an unbeatable one in the interiors of our country. OTT might take years to reach the interiors.


Adaa Khan

With TV shows, one gets their daily dose of entertainment. It will always be part of audiences’ lives. There is variety, drama and entertainment available 24×7 and families can enjoy content together. TV is a mass medium and the connect people feel with reel-life characters is instant. Audiences feel the characters on TV are one of their own.


Arjun Bijlani

I guess the TV audience will always be keep growing there the ratings show us that a large section of audiences watch TV. People in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities love watching TV shows and saas-bahu sagas. Many channels are free and cable doesn’t cost much. One doesn’t have to subscribe like in the case of every OTT platform. So with being not expensive and easily available, TV is here to stay. A number of people don’t have internet facilities to watch content online and prefer TV which is more for the family audience.


Karan Patel

Our content is varied and huge and we cater to every spectrum and every age group. I think in today’s time, OTT and films are as good but people are used to watching television by and large. It’s a habit. OTT platforms have not reached smaller towns, moreover, TV has restricted content which is safe for kids as well. I enjoy working on all three mediums. But TV is everyone’s first love and i guess that is how it will always stay that way.

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