Growing up, you may have heard of the story of the hare and tortoise and the saying, ‘slow and steady wins the race’. A video shared on Twitter by IFS officer Sudha Ramen serves as the perfect example of that notion.

The clip starts by showing some children standing on the starting line for the popular spoon and lemon race. The game requires each participant to balance a lemon on a spoon and reach the finish line before the others without dropping it.

A few seconds into the video, as the race beings, except a single kid, all the others start walking briskly towards the finish line and consequently drop their lemons. Only one of them manages to end the race with the lemon still on the spoon.

“’Slow and steady wins the race’ – true at all times. Have a great week,” reads the caption alongside the video. Check out the clip below:

Posted on October 26, the video has garnered over 21,300 views along with more than 2,200 likes. Netizens dropped many appreciative comments for the valuable lesson taught in the video. Many also expressed how the spoon and lemon race brought back childhood memories. Others shared clapping hands emojis for the post.

What are your thoughts on this video?

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