Every year, so many people look forward to YouTube’s Rewind video that celebrates the year’s viral videos, memorable moments and best content creators. This year, however, YouTube has decided to ‘take a break’ from Rewind. YouTube made the announcement on Twitter and the post has since collected mixed reactions from tweeple.

“Since 2010, we’ve ended the year with Rewind: a look back at the year’s most impactful creators, videos, and trends. Whether you love it-or only remember 2018-Rewind was always meant to be a celebration of you,” says the note posted by YouTube. “But 2020 has been different. And it doesn’t feel right to carry on as if it weren’t. So, we’re taking a break from Rewind this year. We know that so much of the good that did happen in 2020 was created by all of you. You’ve found ways to lift people up, help them cope, and make them laugh. You made a hard year genuinely better,” it says further.

Shared some 11 hours ago, the tweet has received over 1.8 lakh likes and thousands of reactions from tweeple. While some have shared how they understand the decision, several others have expressed disappointment over the decision.

“This is the worst thing to ever happen,” tweeted an individual. “This is probably the right call but I still lowkey want it to happen,” wrote another.

Here’s how others reacted:

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