India’s tattoo industry is burgeoning, estimated to generate around Rs. 20,000 crore every year. Right from beachside stalls at Goa to professional studios at malls, the Indian tattoo industry is bright and booming.

Tattoo has opened its doors in India and is immediately stirring up the international tattoo scene. One of the leading Tattoos studios of India who has been in this industry and is constantly innovating and experimenting is KDz Tattoos.

Founded in the year 2003 by Kamaldeep Singh Sethi, KDz Tattoos has been regarded as one of the best tattoo studios of Delhi NCR. Apart from customizing designs, KDz Tattoos offers thousands of attractive tattoo designs. They offer a wide portfolio of tattoo designs and body piercings.

One of the key differentiators which makes KDz Tattoos different from others is their eye for detail and their safety and hygiene protocols. KDz Tattoos pays utmost attention to hygiene while making a tattoo. KDz Tattoo has tattooed Varun Sood (MTV VJ) and Vikas Kohli (Real sibling of Virat Kohli, (Captain of Indian Cricket team). KDz Tattoos has been featured in the Guinness Book of World records and India Book of records for assisting Guinness Rishi for maximum flags on his body.

“From the beginning, I never missed an opportunity to showcase my sketching skills. Little did I knew that such mischievous activities will shape my career one day. KDz Tattoos was my dream which was realized after 4 years of dedicated tattooing. The art of tattoo making came to me naturally, it was a progression from the paper-pencil sketches that I made since childhood. We at KDz Tattoos offer customization of designs, you can always walk in with any concept and we would confidently shape it into reality,” said Kamaldeep Singh Sethi, Founder, KDz Tattoos, sharing his journey

KDz Tattoos gives the highest priority to hygiene and safety. As a regular practice they sterilize all of their equipment with an autoclave, which is a machine used by hospitals, doctors and dentists to sterilize their equipment to ensure bacteria, germ and disease-free instruments.

Besides being one of the leading tattoo artists Kamaldeep Singh Sethi has also trained over more than 100 students from various parts of the country and abroad and taught them the basics of tattooing and piercing. Now, these students have become self-reliant and opened their own studios. Also, students who hail from small towns, working on minimum salaries have now become their own boss. Right now, he has clients from all parts of India and plans to take KDz Tattoos international, Canada by the end of 2022. KDz Tattoos presently have their studios in Rajouri Garden, New Delhi and DLF Phase 3 Gurgaon.

Apart from running KDz Tattoos successfully, Kamaldeep Singh Sethi is a notable voice-over artist and has done several voice projects for various businesses. He has completed Tarun Tejpal’s novel “The story of my assassins” currently on Storytel. He had also worked with few companies as a Language and communication Trainer prior to starting KDz Tattoos.

(This story has been published from a wire agency feed without modifications to the text.)

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