In today’s edition of adorable videos, here’s a ‘jailbreak’ clip of a hamster. The clip is so adorable that it may leave you wanting for more. Recently shared on the subreddit ‘aww’, the clip was originally posted on the YouTube channel Mister Hamster. The video shows a little hamster attempting to escape from a detailed maze.

The clip starts with a hamster scurrying around a small jail-themed room. As the clip goes on, the little one can be seen moving through a variety of mazes boldly and swiftly. But, does it manage to escape the maze? Take a look at the video to know:

Shared on December 26, the video has garnered over 94,300 upvotes. People couldn’t stop gushing at the little furball’s escape video. Many also expressed their love for the hamster’s expressions.

“Just remember folks if you’re in a daring prison escape, always take a moment to stop and clean your face so you can look good while doing it,” wrote a Reddit user. “I like when the hamster cleans himself over the fire. Priceless!” commented another.

“This is the best thing I’ve ever seen,” said a third.

What are your thoughts on this incredible hamster maze?

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