The counting of votes for the US Election 2020 is still underway. Joe Biden, the Democratic US presidential nominee, has 264 electoral votes of the 270 required for victory. Meanwhile, the 45th US President, Donald Trump, is at 214. Amidst all the counting and anticipation, a particular tweet by Trump has led to a hilarious trend on Twitter.

Posted on November 5, this cryptic tweet was shared from Trump’s official Twitter account. The share reads, “Stop the count!” as the counting of the remaining mail-in ballots continues.

Since being shared on the micro-blogging application almost 20 hours ago, this share has created quite a buzz. Trump’s tweet has collected nearly seven lakh likes and almost 3.5 lakh comments. Tweeple had mixed reactions to the share.

A few, however, started sharing hilarious posts using the words in the tweet that had nothing to do with the ongoing elections or counting.

Here are a few amusing posts inspired by Trump’s ‘Stop the count’ tweet.

Zomato often shares relevant and hilarious posts from their social media handles. This tweet by them is no different.

Hands up if you can relate.

This tweet is especially relevant when one is heating a late-night snack and doesn’t want to wake up others in the house.

Who doesn’t love a little Sesame Street reference?

Yells a little louder, “stop the count”.

Can you relate, or can you relate?

Ah, those childhood memories.

A historical-fiction reference, for all the literary fans out there.

You can get all the latest updates of the US Election 2020 here.

Which tweets did you find the funniest?

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