As the outcome of the US elections remain undecided an air of uncertainty prevails among both sets of supporters as they await the final results as vote counting enters Day 2.

The presidency still hangs in balance but that did not stop US president Donald Trump from declaring victory on Wednesday evening. Democrats felt that their presidential nominee Joe Biden would claim the White House but Biden only held a narrow lead in some of the key states but there was no visible Blue wave.

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Nevada, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Michigan have grabbed the attention of observers as these key states could act as a decider.

Here are the updates from the presidential race:

• Biden winning Michigan and Wisconsin means that he needs to win one battleground state to secure a win. Biden has 264 electoral college votes and a win in one of the key-states would bring him closer to being a president-elect. Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are yet to complete counting their ballots and final tallies in Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania along with Georgia will impact the outcome.

• Trump supporters descended at vote counting center in Detroit demanding that election officials stop counting of the votes. Thousands of anti-Trump protesters have also taken to the street across several cities in US demanding that every vote be counted.

• Biden’s lead over US president Donald Trump in Arizona has narrowed to 47% from 52% with more than 362,000 ballots left to process in the state’s Maricopa County. The county has 2.6 million registered voters and is one of the most populous. It is one of the crucial fights for both Biden and Trump in the race to the White House.

• Trump’s campaign team has filed lawsuits on Wednesday in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia as the US president dropped his lead. The campaign team is also mulling to ask for a recount in the state of Wisconsin.

• Trump’s campaign team has demanded Chatham County to ensure that late-arriving ballots remain uncounted. They filed a lawsuit in Georgia against the Chatham County Board of Elections.

• Christopher Bouzy, the creator of, a platform which detect disinformation on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites, said that unauthentic Twitter accounts were propagating false information alleging that there was voting fraud and advancing Trump’s allegations of improper counting of ballots.

• Republicans have upset Democrats hopes to decrease Republican presence in state governments but ended up losing ground as the GOP won majorities in New Hampshire and took back Montana. Republicans now have 27 of the 50 governorships in the country.

• Observers believe that if Biden could win Nevada, the race could take a decisive turn signalling victory for the former vice president. As Biden gained more votes than Obama – 71 million votes compared to Obama’s which was about 69.5 million from 12 years ago, it showed Biden held the popular vote advantage as well as the lead in Electoral College votes, all eyes are set on Nevada which Hillary Clinton won in 2016. Nevada is expected to announce its results late on Thursday.

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